Lawena Recording Tool

Lawena is a simple Java program that greatly enhances your TF2 and other Source games image quality for recording purposes, with little performance loss compared to other alternatives. Records using in-game Source Recorder, with key bindings to ease the process.

Easy to install and use. Does not interfere with your regular configs, HUD or launch options. Check the sidebar for details.

Main Window


  • Insane max quality graphics configuration
  • Recorded files are saved to the directory of your choosing for comfort and order
  • Options to enable/disable various game elements which may be unnecessary in the context of a movie
  • Includes built-in HUDs with different levels of simplicity
  • Supports custom HUDs/materials/models to add a personal touch to your movies
  • Allows custom commands for extra tweaks not present in the tool
  • Includes a set of built-in skyboxes, and supports custom ones via simple drag-and-drop
  • SrcDemo2 support to reduce drive usage and space and increase recording speed
  • VDM file support for automatic movie recording process. Check the tutorial
  • Creates backups in case something goes wrong
  • Automatic updates

Installing Lawena

Go to Download in the sidebar and follow the instructions. If you don’t have Java installed you will find a direct download link there.


  • Original project created by Montz (currently inactive)
  • Current developer: Quantic since June 2013
  • Graphic .cfg files based on those made by Chris Down’s maxquality config.
  • Built-in Killnotices only and Medic HUD made by mih
  • Skyboxes included made by komaokc from GameBanana
  • Includes some content used in PLDX recording tool
  • Valve - Source engine, Team Fortress and the Team Fortress logo